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 Master Health Checkup in Hyderabad

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For a medical diagnosis at any LUCID branch, please contact our round-the-clock patient care centre at the following number.

Banjara Hills: 4418 4444
Karkhana : 4411 4444
Kukatpally : 4412 4444
AS Rao nagar: 4413 4444

Or, leave a few details with us and we will get back to you.

Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad

About Lucid

  • A comprehensive healthcare facility established in 2007 for the purpose of providing quality laboratory and radiology diagnostic service.
  • Lucid partnered with established leaders in the industry of medical equipment manufacture including General Electric (GE) Medical Systems, USA and SIEMENS Medical Systems,  Germany ,  Abbott and many.
  • Team  of hands on experience healthcare  professionals , 24  Radiologists,  12 Pathologists  and Bio Chemists  and  consultant and different  super specialists.


  • From humble beginning inMore

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What our clients have to say about us:

"I am very impressed with the way the centre is setup and run. It is in all ways meeting international standards. I feel very comfortable to send my patients here. Thanks for you valuable time."

                                                                   Dr. Padma Achanta, Physician Assistant

                                                                            American Consulate - HYD                       


"Very good centre star facility. You all young directors, at this early age you are doing very good business & service to the Humanity which I am doing at the age of 57"

                                                                      V. Govindarajan                                 

                                                                  Md. Aarthi health care (Chennai)

"It was a pleasure to lucid. I have worked in the laboratory for 30 years in the U.S.A the quality, dedication, and expertise or impressive. The entire staff are very polite and extermely helpful. I am amazed that the high standards have been achieved in only a few years. Please continue the good work your are providing for the community. I truley enjoyed the apportunity to tour your lab."

                                                               Dr. Marciasingeetm, Regional Medical Technologist

(U.S Embassy - New Delhi)                                               




"The centre is absolutely fantastic, the equipment is standard and the workers are pleasant. I pray that the center will go along way to health make life comfortable for the patients and the people of Hyderabad and of India as a whole as god bless you for the hard work you are doing."

"It is such a pleasure to get my annual health checkup done at Lucid. The service, comfort, friendliness of the staff, hygiene, and professionalism is an eye opener for other medical centres. Highly recommended!"
    - Amit Sharma, VP Human Resources, Citibank

"This is a truly world class facility and a blessing for NRIs like us who do not have access to such quality centres back in Kenya."
    - Kanti Shah, Director, Holiday Bazaar, Nairobi

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Diagnosis and Beyond

Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive solutions by blending medical investigations with patient awareness drives, through superior options for diagnosis and treatment.

As one of the leading diagnostic centers in South India, with combined strengths in diagnostics and pathology, we are striving for improvement in the health, quality of life and survivalMore