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Health Packages

Health Packages

LUCID Diagnostics offers Thirty Five (35) health packages including the

    Master Health Check-up,
    Executive Health Check-up – Female,
    Advanced Health Check-up – Female,
    Executive Health Check-up – Male,
    Advanced Health Check-up – Male,
    Senior Citizen Check-up – Female,
    Senior Citizen Check-up – Male,
    Basic Child Health Check-up,
    Advanced Child Health Check-up,
    Basic Heart Check-up,
    Advanced Heart Check-up,
    Basic Diabetic Check-up,
    Executive Diabetic Check-up,
    Advanced Diabetic Check-up,
    Cardiac Risk Check-up,
    Basic Renal Check-up,
    Advanced Renal Check-up,
    Hypertension Check-up,
    Cancer Screening Check-up – Female,
    Cancer Screening Check-up – Male,
    Whole Body Health Check-up - Female,
    Master Health Profile,
    Diabetic Profile,
    Arthritis Profile,
    Well Women Profile,
    Basic Heart Profile,
    Diabetic Check,
    Heart Check,
    Liver Check,
    Kidney Check,
    Hormone Check,
    Complete Blood Picture,
    Master Health Check-up and
    Executive Health Check-up (Male & Female).


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These health packages are designed to provide comprehensive testing as required by each category. They do not only serve to provide substantial savings in cost but also in time. Testing done separately usually add up to a higher total when the same tests included in the package are performed just the same.